Monday, May 26, 2003

God's Blessing

May 26, 2003

The last time I wrote a journal entry, I mentioned the fact that I believed the Lord wanted to pour out His Spirit through Aaron and me as well as into us, I had no idea what He had in store! This last month in the States was such a time of refreshing and blessing. We are so humbled by the love of our Father, shown to us by our relatives and families, churches, friends. We were able to share with 8 churches while home, and one mission committee. In every circumstance the Holy Spirit was present in a mighty way and I believe hearts were touched to answer God’s call on their lives. Sometimes the only response was simply the bowing of heads and weeping. If I could only sit down with each individual and tell them the continued blessing and anointing which has come to us in answering that call. We do not fear what the future has in store for us but rest assured in the peace of God’s plan.

Let me tell you one small story of God’s provision for us. A sweet friend in Seattle handed me a check for $120 to buy a formal dress to use for the various social events Aaron is required to attend as part of his work here in St. Petersburg. I had been longing to buy something graceful and lovely to accompany my sharp looking husband and had been wearing one cotton print dress to 4 of the last 5 events. Sometimes women are so silly. But God made us this way, to desire to be lovely for our men. My sister in law, Amy took us shopping (a dizzying experience in America), and I found an elegant floor length ball gown on the JC Penny clearance rack for $89.90 marked down from $139.90. I rushed off to find a scarf to go with. When I returned the lady at the counter (looking rather stunned) told me to guess what the gown rang up at. Not understanding her I shook my head. “Nineteen dollars and seventy cents”. I turned to Aaron and Amy who were chuckling. “Twenty dollars?” They nodded. “God is so good!” We laughed and exclaimed all the way to the escalators. I could not even spend the money given to me for the dress – God just kept blessing us over and over.

My sister Rhoda and her husband Brian gave us a three wheel jogging stroller for Timothy. I had no idea what a blessing it would be till I took it over the roughest roads and paths in our neighborhood here in Russia, with all the uneven broken pavement, pot holes and mud puddles. I think Timothy enjoyed the roller coaster ride and the stroller handled everything! I had a crowd of 6 year old boys circling me asking me where I got the cool stroller, could it turn into a bicycle, did it have a motor on it, could they try pushing it … My entourage and I circled the neighborhood several times attracting the attention of every stray dog who joined in the procession with barking excitement. The local grandmothers watched and shook their heads in wonder, while others just stared at the strange contraption, possibly the first in St. Petersburg. “Well, I suppose everyone will know I’m a foreigner,” I thought to myself, “So much for blending in.” Timothy, king of the parade, enjoyed it immensely, gurgling and drooling his approval. Thank-you Rhoda and Brian!

This is one thing I have learned over the years in serving the Lord, that the more you give of your time, effort, and finances, the more He pours out in return. It is a godly principle that has never proven false. And so we sit basking in the favor and love of our beloved Father.

We love you and ask the Lord's blessing to be poured out upon you!

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